For anything not covered below, please email us at info@webuywargames.co.uk or message us on Facebook.

The Process

- 1. Send us a list/photos of your items via the Sell to us page, email or facebook
Be sure to include an itemised list of what you are looking to sell. If you send us multiple emails for items, for whatever reason, our quote will be for all models in each email. Please do your best to keep the itemised master list of all your items in one email, in an easy to read, typed, format.

- 2. We'll send you our offer back! Sometimes we may ask for additional photos, clarification etc, but we will get our offer back as soon as possible. This can be taken as Cash via PayPal, or Store Credit (10% extra) to spend here on WeBuyWargames.

- 3. If you choose to go ahead, the models will need sending to us. Please send them as soon as possible. We recommend a tracked service as we are not liable if the package does not arrive. Alternatively, we can arrange for a courier to collect (at your cost) if you can pack the items safely and give us the weight and dimensions. 

We pay in advance by PayPal (Goods & Services) or on delivery by bank transfer. If PayPal is your preference then we would need your PayPal address.

Pack the models as you would want them to arrive. Do not bubblewrap and tape each model. This takes a long time for us to sort and often leads to breakages when trying to unwrap the miniatures.

What do we take?

  • Do you buy none-Games Workshop models?
    - Yes!
  • Do you buy painted models?
    - Yes!
  • Do you buy partially assembled, painted, primed models?
    - Yes!
  • Do you buy rulebooks/army books/codexes?
    - Yes!
  • Do you buy bits/boxes or hobby supplies?
    - Anything is considered, but usually we don't take these items.